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              About CCCLA
                  Founded in 1988, China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Light Industrial Products and Arts-Crafts (CCCLA) is, in accordance with relevant rules and regulations, a national level organization composed of enterprises engaged in production, import and export of footwear, furniture, suitcases & bags, toys, ceramics, glassware, tableware & kitchenware,jewelry, and so on. The membership of CCCLA has exceeded 13000.
              CCCLA has the following functions:
              •     To be the bridge and link between enterprises and the government, and to convey enterprises' appeals and suggestions to the government;
              •     To collect and to release information of the industry to provide consulting services and training on law, policy, technology, management, market and so on;
              •     To hold trade fairs and exhibitions;
              •     To help enterprises to expand international market;
              •     To have economic and technological exchanges and cooperation home and abroad;
              •     To take part in settling trade disputes and to maintain normal import and export order.

              • Add: 10 /F, (Pan-Jia-Yuan-Da-Sha) Bldg. 12, Pan-Jia-Yuan Nan-Li, Chaoyang District, Beijing,China
              • P.C.: 100021
              • Website: www.pxvf.tw
              • E-mail: [email protected]
              • Tel: 86-10- 67732683 / 67735195
              • Fax: 86 -10- 67732689 / 67732698
              www.pxvf.tw Copyright ©2010 All right Reserved
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